July 15, 2022

Modern slavery and the role of accountants

On 29 June 2022, Chartered Accountants Ireland partnered with Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA for a webinar on how accountants can tackle global modern slavery. While accountants are by no means at the forefront of the global fight against modern slavery, they do have a pivotal role to play in combatting the problem.
June 10, 2022
Technology & Accountants

Highlights – Beyond Accounting: Technology and Accountants

Check out some clips of our Beyond Event in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland.
June 10, 2022
Beyond Accounting: Education and Accountants

Highlights – Beyond Accounting: Education and Accountants

Check out some clips of our Beyond Event targeting the future of the industry through education and future skills.
June 9, 2022
Beyond Accounting Difference Makers Podcast

Highlights – Beyond Accounting Difference Makers Podcast with Elenie Panos Carey

Check out some clips of our latest episodes of the Beyond Accounting Difference Makers Podcast.
June 8, 2022
Beyond Accounting Accounting for Net Zero

Highlights Beyond Accounting – Accounting for Net Zero – Part One

Check out some clips of our Beyond Event in Partnership with Fordham University
April 8, 2022
fireside chat

Highlights – CAW Network USA: West Chapters – Not for Profit Fireside chat

Check out some clips of our latest fireside chat highlighting the non-profit sector.
April 8, 2022

Highlights – What’s Happening with International Financial Reporting Standards? March 2022 update from BDO

Check out some clips of the newest updates from BDO on the current International Financial Reporting Standards.
April 1, 2022
Finance for the Future

Finance for the Future

The Finance for the Future awards were created to recognise financial leadership in building sustainable economies. The awards also highlight the role of the finance function in innovation and integrated thinking.
March 15, 2022

Starting a sustainability reporting revolution

Investors are demanding better reporting on ESG issues and a new sustainability standard setter may deliver what’s required.
March 9, 2022
How the circular economy is becoming key to corporate longevity

How the circular economy is becoming key to corporate longevity

As customers become more aware of their personal carbon footprint, they’re causing organizations to take a cold, hard look at their operations—and make some changes. Climate change has become a driving force in the way companies operate, and consumers and stakeholders are largely behind the push, experts say. As they become more aware of their carbon footprint, people are adjusting their behaviour accordingly—and organizations are catching up.
March 7, 2022
CPAs find your own fit with coding experts say

CPAs, find your own fit with coding, experts say

Expertise will depend on your role, level of seniority and career trajectory
March 4, 2022
Now is the time to get ahead of the open banking curve

Now is the time to get ahead of the open banking curve

CPAs need to be prepared for opportunities as Canada works to enact an official open banking system, targeted for 2023
March 3, 2022
gender gap

Tara Cemlyn-Jones takes aim at the gender gap

Fintech specialist and former investment banker Tara Cemlyn-Jones co-founded the 25x25 initiative with a target of 25 female FTSE 100 CEOs by 2025. She talks to Lysanne Currie about the progress made and the critical role of data.
March 3, 2022

Interview: Rukasana Bhaijee on benefits of inclusion in the workplace

It is not so long ago, when corporate discussions about “diversifying the workforce” meant one thing only: more women. But true diversity, true equity, true inclusion, encompasses so much more in 21st-century business and society: greater awareness of and representation around gender, race, disability, religion, culture, ethnicity, age, language, socioeconomic status, neurodiversity and sexual orientation. A big picture of the whole world.
March 3, 2022

The Finance+ insight series

ICAS has something new for 2022. The Finance+ insight series helps put you in the bigger picture, exploring the key issues and opportunities for today’s finance professional. Recent events have revealed the need for resilience and the readiness to grasp new ways of thinking, living and working. They have also shown that with change comes opportunity and demonstrated the role ICAS Members can play in shaping a better future for us all.
March 3, 2022
social mobility

How to approach social mobility on a global level

Managing social mobility in a global organisation requires coherent guidance that applies across multiple offices, geographies and societies. The shockwaves sent through the economy, labour market and children’s education by the pandemic must be addressed in order to repair social mobility, according to the Resolution Foundation.
March 3, 2022
pay gap

Social mobility: do we need a class pay gap?

Class pay gaps within your business are an important indicator of social inequality. Reporting them is essential if you’re serious about ensuring socioeconomic diversity at all levels
March 3, 2022
bitcoin aml

AML: how money launderers use virtual assets

In the seventh instalment of Anti-Money Laundering: The Basics, IFAC and ICAEW look at the risks associated with virtual assets. Cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets offer a lot of opportunities for legitimate businesses, but it’s also potentially useful for money launderers.
March 3, 2022
diversify markets

Diversify markets and innovate systems to thrive in 2022

Business confidence in the first quarter of 2022 has returned to pre-pandemic levels, suggesting that companies are looking to the future after an unprecedented two years, ICAEW says. ICAEW’s Business Confidence Monitor (BCM), which surveys 1,000 chartered accountants across the UK, found confidence at 27.6 (out of 100) in the first quarterly index of 2022. Although this is significantly below the highest-ever reading of 47 two quarters ago, the peak was explained as a blip following the introduction of the vaccine.
March 2, 2022
Why the chief sustainability officer is becoming more common

Why the chief sustainability officer is becoming more common

This rapidly growing role spans every area of an organization, from corporate strategy to disclosure. As organizations work toward becoming net zero and meeting the requirements of the Paris Agreement, jobs that help foster corporate sustainability are becoming more common, especially in the financial sector. One such position is the chief sustainability officer (CSO).
March 1, 2022

Claire Bruten Paul on Beyond Accounting Difference Makers Highlights

Check out some clips of the newest episodes from the Beyond Accounting Difference Makers Podcast series. In this segment of Beyond Accounting Difference Makers, Breiffni talks to Claire Bruten Paul, Interim Director of Finance for the highly acclaimed non-profit, Doctors Without Borders. Breiffni leads a conversation revolving around the day to day life of a finance professional working with a non-profit. Claire shares tips and tricks for those looking to take a similar path in their career. Tune in below for some highlights from their talk.
March 1, 2022
office stress

Stressed accountants too busy to seek mental health support

In a recent caba survey, eight out of 10 respondents said stress and poor mental health are a problem within the accountancy profession. Are we facing a mental health pandemic? Accountants are significantly more stressed than employees across other sectors, with workload, long hours and the lack of margin for error in the job tipping many over the edge, new research has found.
February 28, 2022
How CPAs can prepare for handling the big data world

How CPAs can prepare for handling the big data world

Successfully analyzing major data sets may mean brushing up on current skills—and learning some new ones, too
February 24, 2022
On the radar ; Key accounting themes from COP26

On the radar: Key accounting themes from COP26

What CPAs should know about the conference’s discussions that covered net-zero economies, a carbon market deal and reforestation strategies