Beyond Accounting

Beyond Accounting is CAW Network USA’s conference series where we present ideas, technology and trends impacting the accounting professional.

Our first in person event was on 30th April 2019 in New York, near Grand Central. This was followed by a virtual conference on 19th November 2020, when we also rebranded from the Association of Chartered Accountants in the US (ACAUS) to Chartered Accountants Worldwide USA. In 2021 we have planned 6 mini-conferences partnering with our funding home institutes. These include ICAS (Mental Fitness 19th May; Climate Change 25th May); Chartered Accountants Ireland (The Sustainable Accountant June 17th) and SAICA (A future fit Chartered Accountant July 29th). Events with ICAEW and CA ANZ to be added later in the year.

Beyond Accounting - Upcoming Event

Beyond Accounting: A Future Fit Chartered Accountant

CAW Network USA is partnering with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, focusing on what’s needed to be a future fit chartered accountant.

Beyond Accounting - Previous Events

Beyond Accounting – The Sustainable Accountant

‘Beyond Accounting – The Sustainable Accountant’ aims to inform Finance professionals about Environment, Social and Governance – challenges and opportunities for Accountants.

Beyond Accounting – Climate Change – why it matters to accountants

‘Beyond Accounting – Climate Change – Why it matters to accountants’ aimed to inform Finance professionals about climate change and the issues that surround reporting on sustainability and climate impact. This was the second in the Beyond Accounting series from Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA.

Beyond Accounting – Mental Fitness

Beyond Accounting – Mental Fitness aimed to inform Finance professionals about Mental Fitness – challenges and opportunities. This was the first in the Beyond Accounting series from Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA and the event was in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS).

Beyond Accounting Conference 2020 – Ideas, Technology, Trends

ACAUS held its first virtual conference, continuing our Beyond Accounting theme from 2019, on November 19th, 2020. Our leading-edge content was shared in a series of “Ted-talk”-style presentations. The conference also saw ACAUS relaunched as “Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA” (CAW Network USA).

Now this amazing content is available in bite-sized pieces for you to enjoy. Please click on any of the videos below to view the presentations.

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