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Beyond Accounting – Difference Makers Podcast

CAW Network USA recently launched a podcast series, “Beyond Accounting – Difference Makers.”

Each episode highlights a professional Chartered Accountant who is making a difference in their company, industry, or society.

Beyond Accounting: A Future Fit Chartered Accountant

Highlights from the ‘Beyond Accounting – A Future Fit Accountant’

There are four non-technical components to becoming a future fit chartered accountant.

On July 29th, CAW Network USA teamed up with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) to host a captivating conference highlighting this very topic.

Beyond Accounting – The Sustainable Accountant

Highlights from the ‘Beyond Accounting – The Sustainable Accountant’ Event

In partnership with Chartered Accountants Ireland, CAW Network USA hosted ‘Beyond Accounting – The Sustainable Accountant’. In this article speakers at our Beyond Accounting Conference share their insights and thought leadership.


Highlights from the ‘Beyond Accounting – Climate Change’ Event

Chartered Accountant Worldwide Network USA presented the second conference of its 2021 Beyond Accounting Series on Tuesday, May 25th.

The event, Beyond Accounting – Climate Change – Why it Matters to Accountants, acknowledged that finance professionals have a greater responsibility than just bookkeeping and budgeting. Companies are now calling for in-depth sustainability and climate reporting and accountants should not only be prepared for this task but be active champions of related reporting of it as well.


Remote working part 3: the lack of ‘real life’

In the third part of ICAEW’s remote worker series mental health speaker Nick Elston explains what can be done to ensure people don’t feel disconnected in a home working environment.

Whilst some have thrived on the flexibility of remote working, many have not had the same experience.


Remote working part 2: slung in the deep end

Instalment two of ICAEW’s remote working series explores how one business completed an 18-month project in two weeks by shifting whole workforces from office to home working.


Remote working part 1: virtually onboarding new talent

In the first of a new remote working series, we speak with a CFO on their experience integrating a whole business through remote acquisition, as well as a recent virtually onboarded employee.
With remote working set to continue as the pandemic transforms traditional ways of working life, a new series from ICAEW Insights aims to underline first-hand experiences of this shift – including the process of remote onboarding.


CPAs, find your own fit with coding, experts say

Expertise will depend on your role, level of seniority and career trajectory.

Sustainability & SDGs


Chain reaction

Pressure is growing for firms to demonstrate that they are operating responsibly. Ryan Herman hears how formalising the supply chain audit and harmonising ESG reporting could be the missing pieces.


Electric dreams

The electric vehicle revolution is finally charging ahead. EDF’s Ren Baletti CA tells Ryan Herman why the utility giant will be powering the UK’s transformation towards a zero-emissions economy.


All systems go

From rainforest economies in Brazil to tackling plastic pollution in Indonesia, systems change company Systemiq confronts some of the planet’s most urgent challenges. CFO Andrew Morrow CA explains why accountants play a crucial role.

Climate Change

The race is on to put climate change centre stage

So, who will be the winners of this race?

All of us, we hope, if the various world leaders that descend on Glasgow in November step up the pace in the race for the preservation, and survival, of the human race.

The Consideration of Climate-Related Risks in an Audit of Financial Statements

The Consideration of Climate-Related Risks in an Audit of Financial Statements

The issue of climate change is at the forefront of the minds of many investors and other stakeholders as its impacts are becoming increasingly apparent. The IAASB has recognised that climate change is likely to have some impact on most, if not all, entities and, as a result, has implications for auditors.


WWF launches Our Planet: Our Business as the Netflix series inspires businesses to tackle urgent environmental challenges

A new short film launching today entitled Our Planet: Our Business by conservation and environmental organisation WWF is challenging business leaders to fully recognise the critical link between nature and business prosperity and the critical role the private sector must play in tackling these threats.

Digital Disruption


Cryptocurrency for accountants Part 3: Tax implications

CAW Network USA’s David Nickson shares the latest thinking on the tax implications of buying / selling cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency for accountants Part 2: Buying storing and the future of currency

Yuri Cataldo continues on from Part 1 by focusing on how to buy and store cryptocurrency, as well as to speculate on its future.


CFO Data Analytics and Digitization Revolution Highlights

As digital technology quickly works to transform every industry, accounting experiences great changes. The sheer amount of data in today’s world can be a great blessing, but only when it is properly leveraged into knowledge and insights. Gary Cokins, founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management, highlighted this in his presentation for CAW Network USA’s event on June 23rd, 2021.

Covid-19 - Global Recovery

How CFOs are keeping finance on course during the crisis

In the coming months, chief financial officers will have a key role to play in keeping a tight focus on what really matters in these chaotic times

As the fallout from COVID-19 continues, business owners remain concerned about their survival and the safety of their employees, and chief financial officers can help.


Exploring the full impact of COVID-19 on offices

Workspaces will start to look a lot different because of the pandemic.


How CAs can rescue Covid’s ‘lost generation’

Coronavirus is now part of our daily lives. We keep a safe distance and wear masks, but many have begun returning to long-deserted offices. For working professionals, it may feel some sense of normality is finally returning.


How charities have helped hospitals navigate Covid-19

Hayley Pannick CA, Director of Development at Imperial Health Charity, tells Laurence Eastham how charities have helped hospitals navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and why public goodwill for the NHS can be channelled into action.


Cryptocurrency for accountants Part 1: Bitcoin, Blockchain, NFTs, DAOs

Yuri Cataldo, emerging tech strategist and best-selling author, explains what the main buzzwords mean and why they’re important to accountants.

From Corporate Tax Havens to Corporate Accountability Highlights

Murray Buckman, tax expert and educator presented for Northern California’s Corporate Accountability webinar on June 17th.

Murray took a non-political view with his observations of three public companies at the center of highly criticized industries in regards to their use of offshore companies.


Auditing Profession in Peril

If the audit profession in South Africa is serious about restoring trust it will need to reassert the primacy of professional scepticism and independence.

There needs to be a balance between radical thinking and practical solutions. Greater clarity and transparency in the profession will ultimately result in a regime that allows auditors to better assess, assure and inform. Only then can real change come about.


Four ways that chartered accountants can encourage diversity

The case for diversity and inclusion is stronger than ever.

From dealing with data to increasing collaboration, we explore four key areas that can drive real progress and value within the workplace and change the future of the profession.


Measuring the Most Valuable Asset – The Sequel

John Truzzolino and Sulaiman Afzal help viewers understand the new SEC disclosure rules for human capital.


Philanthropy: Focus on Malawi

Interview with Gordon Cowie MBE CA (1977-2007) – founder of the charity ‘ Friends of Sick Children in Malawi’ – who he is, how he was involved with ACAUS / CAW Network USA and what led to him running a charity for children in Malawi… you can listen to the interview and also lead our article ‘Gordon Cowie MBE: From Balance Sheets to Bedpans’

Global Trade

A fair trade model for the B2B sector: how finance can apply innovation to tackle UN SDGs

After the launch of Finance & Business2030 conference in London, Chartered Accountants Worldwide surveyed more than 120 delegates for their thoughts and reactions following the event which featured finance and business professionals discussing ways to develop a plan of action towards achieving the goals.

FinBiz2030 is a joint initiative between One Young World, Chartered Accountants Worldwide and the City of London.


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