Beyond Accounting: AI and Accountants

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Beyond Accounting: AI and Accountants

CAW Network USA invites you to attend this exciting online event, where Art Kleiner will present the 7 principles for responsible technology based on his book ‘The AI Dilemma’.

In the second part of the event Art will be joined by Jannie Wentzel (moderator) and Chris Easton (panelist) for an open discussion on AI and Accountants.

Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how AI presents both opportunities and challenges, especially for the accounting profession.

Audience questions will be included in part 2.

Subject Matter:

Presentation on the AI Dilemma – 7 principles for responsible technology and a discussion about ‘AI and Accountants’.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the session, attendees will have achieved the following objectives:

  1. To understand the 7 principles for responsible technology, derived from research on self-regulation in corporations, on interviews with leaders in the field, and on emerging new regulations.
  2. To better understand the impact – opportunities and challenges – for AI and Accountants.


Art Kleiner

Art Kleiner is a writer, editor, and entrepreneur, with a focus on management, scenario thinking, and strategy. He is on the faculty at New York University’s graduate level Interactive Telecommunications Program, a leading school of digital media thinking and practice. He was formerly a managing director at PwC and editor-in-chief of its magazine Strategy+Business. He co-authored ‘The AI-Dilemma’ published in August 2023.

Jannie Wentzel

Jannie Wentzel is partner and principal consultant with Cential. He is a Chartered Accountant CA (SA), and a thought leader in Risk Transformation and Integrated Risk Management technologies. Jannie advises clients on the use of technologies to reduce the complexities, manage risk and minimize the compliance cost.

Jannie specializes in enterprise and integrated risk services which include teaming with many of the top analyst rated GRC vendors.

Chris Easton

Chris Easton is a global business leader and game changer. He has been a pioneer and early adopter of enterprise software technologies and platforms including AI, Blockchain, RPA, IoT, SaaS, ERP, BPM, Cloud, and Mobile. He is both a CPA and a Chartered Accountant and covers many industries and geo’s.