June 21, 2023
Go Figure Our Man In Washington:

Go Figure – Episode 4 – Our Man In Washington

During this episode, we’ll be taking you through the latest US market trends – from inflation and the latest labour market trends to the all-important debt ceiling as well as an in-depth look at the latest banking failure to hit state-side.
April 13, 2023
Go Figure Our Man In Washington:

Go Figure – Episode 3 – Our Man In Washington

In addition to the latest update on the US economy, in this episode of Our Man in Washington, David Freeman, discusses the background to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the US regulatory environment for banking that allowed it to happen.
February 9, 2023
Beyond Accounting Difference Makers Podcast

Beyond Accounting – Difference Makers Podcast: Kathryn Kaminsky

Kathryn Kaminsky, Vice Chair and Co-Leader at PwC’s US Trust Solutions, talks about her journey to become a leader in audit, PwC’s initiatives to attract talent and concludes with her tips for supporting diversity initiatives. Kathryn started out with a different background and went to school part-time while working full-time before becoming a CPA.