Beyond Accounting – Post COVID wellbeing and the new way of work

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Discussion Groups:

After we have heard the 2 speakers, we will meet in breakout rooms to discuss the presentations. At this time, please use this link to access the breakout groups. Each breakout will have a team lead that will host the discussion and agree the group’s response. To join the breakouts, click on this link or on the button below.

Beyond Accounting – Post COVID wellbeing and the new way of work
Perspectives from South Africa and the USA (tying in with Women’s Day in South Africa)

As the pandemic enters its third year, women have faced overwhelming mental and physical challenges in adapting to new realities. They have emerged not only different but, in many ways, stronger, more self-aware, and resilient in supporting their families, employers and wider society. In 2022, women are empowered to have a renewed focus on wellbeing. The conversation will encompass transformations over the past two years as women reflect, reconnect, and revitalize, ensuring that they are stronger, more resilient, and more self-focused than before. The session will touch on post-Covid-related anxiety, establishing boundaries within the new ways we work and policies supporting a flexible working environment.

In the first part of this session, Candice Unsworth, CA(SA), CEO of PKF South Africa and Khanya Modipa CA(SA), Global Process Manager at Google will present their perspectives on this important topic.

We will then take a discussion break for 12 minutes where we will allocate attendees to groups. When they arrive in the groups, they will be met by a group leader – one of our CAW Network USA executive team. They will then discuss the key takeaways they have from the presentations. Also, to decide a few that are ‘most important’.

We will then reconvene in a plenary session and group leads will be asked to share the most important takeaways. Then we bring the speakers back, introduce our moderator and move to Q&A for the remaining time (Est. 30 minutes).

This webinar will cover:

  • Post-COVID related anxiety
  • Establishing boundaries within the new ways we work
  • Policies supporting a flexible working environment
  • This will be followed by attendee discussion of the key items and priorities arising.
  • Our speakers will then return, along with a guest speaker to take questions from the audience and feedback on results from the breakout session.

Subject Matter:

Beyond Accounting – Post COVID wellbeing and the new way of work

Perspectives from South Africa and the USA


Learning objectives:

By the end of today’s session, attendees will have achieved the following objectives:

  1. Understand how women is South Africa and the USA have faced up to mental and physical challenges in adapting to new realities
  2. The positive and negative impacts of being more self-aware, self-focused and resilient
  3. How to establish boundaries and agree polices to support new ways of working
  4. What the implications are for the accounting profession.



Candice Unsworth

Candice Unsworth CA(SA), Chief Executive Officer at PKF South Africa

Candice Unsworth, based in Durban, South Africa. Candice is CEO at PKF South Africa, where she started as an articled clerk and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Prior to this she obtained a degree in Accounting from Rhodes University. She is also a SAICA Top 35 under 35 finalist.

Khanya Modipa

Khanya Modipa CA(SA), Global Process Manager at Google | SAICA Top 35 Under 35 | CEO and Founder of Kay Wellness

Khanya is a global process manager at Google. She holds an accounting degree and diploma from the University of the Witwatersrand, and then qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG. She then moved to the USA, working for Cross Country Consulting in Washington DC and earlier this year moved to work for Google in California. Khanya is also a wellness enthusiast and manages a personal blog, youtube channel and various social media platforms with an audience of over 50,000 followers.

SESSION 2: Panel discussion

Q&A session brings back the speakers from session 1 and introduces our moderator, Natasha Holbeck
Natasha Holbeck

Natasha Holbeck, Partner at Deloitte

Natasha is a Financial Services Audit Partner at Deloitte in their New York office. With almost 20 years at the Firm, she has served clients across industries and geographies. Currently she leads the Family Office Audit Practice within the Investment Management Industry serving both public and private companies.

She has experience in all aspects of the Industry with a particular emphasis on family offices, wealth management and advisory corporate entities; as well as various investment products such as hedge funds, private equity funds, fund-of-funds, ETFs, registered investment companies and commodity pools. She has extensive experience auditing internal controls, both for public and non-public companies, including SOX reporting matters. She has also served clients in the retail, manufacturing and Japanese trading sectors.

Nancy Chakabuda

Nancy Chakabuda CA(SA), CPA, MBA, CFE, SAICA Top 35 Finalist & Lead Award Winner | Change Catalyst & Mentor | Corporate Governance & Risk Management | DBA Candidate

Nancy Chakabuda. Nancy presented at our ‘Future Fit Chartered Accountant’ event last year and has since moved over From Johannesburg to Indianapolis here in the YSA, where she is Internal Controls Director – International Advisory, with Cummins. Before joining Cummins she qualified as a Chartered Accountant with RSM South Africa, and she also a former SAICA Top 35 under 35 finalist.